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Expert technicians

Our expert technicians are ISO CAT certified with The Mobius Institute for vibration analysis and dynamic balancing in a facility supported with:

  • CMM / CAD Engineering stations to facilitate reverse engineering and custom component fabrication
  • Machine shop with CNC mills, lathes, and EDM capability
  • Electronics & Motor repair laboratory to perform diagnostic testing of encoders, temperature and position sensors, motors & stators

We will provide a thorough technical evaluation and failure analysis report with each quote which will detail all parts required, test specifications for certification, price and delivery timing. Upon Your authorization, we will move forward with the repair delivered with a full test report detailing the technical specifications and results for your record and tracking.

Precision spindle repair

Our technicians are ISO CAT certified with decades of experience repairing and analyzing spindles.

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Ball Screw Remanufacturing

We can evaluate and quote your ball screw repair within 2 days with no obligation.

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Servomotors, drives, panel views and more.

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DGI will perform a free spindle evaluation and quotation including failure analysis without obligation.