Our quality process


  • DGI will perform a free spindle evaluation and quotation including failure analysis without obligation. Our evaluations are highly structured and standardized which enables us to maintain a high degree of quality regardless of make or model.
  • Our quotation is very detailed listing all repair steps required, test specifications that will be achieved, critical components to be replaced or remanufactured, along with a firm price and timing.
  • Once the quotation is approved with a Purchase Order, we immediately begin the repair process. We have established a global purchasing network to ensure that your components can be procured quickly and efficiently.
  • DGI Precision’s repair procedure includes 4 main quality audit checkpoints at critical stages of the repair where our entire team, including technical management, convenes and reviews the progress to ensure that no detail is overlooked.
  • Once the precision repair is completed we begin our stringent test procedure. This includes: running your spindle and measuring temperature and RPM’s, vibration analysis, runout measurements and analysis, drawbar clamp force, electrical sensor and encoder validation, lubrication and coolant leak testing. All testing is documented in reports and furnished upon delivery to the customer.

Spindle Evaluation Process

Initial Testing in the condition received provides baseline data for failure analysis · Analysis of Electronic/Electrical components provides diagnostic testing of all components Component Inventory and Inspection for wear, damage, corrosion, contamination · Bearing Analysis provides detailed information about how the spindle failed · Fluid System Analysis reviews all seals, coolant and lubrication systems for damage, contamination and blockage · Full teardown of the Drawbar System to test components for wear and replacement · Shaft & Cone Taper Assessment to review the shaft face and taper condition · Other mechanical systems including: gearbox, piston assembly, etc… · Four (4) Quality Gates to ensure technical management sign off Key · Standard Pictures to ensure accurate documentation of the evaluation

Spindle Final Inspection Process

Final Inspection report summarizes all test results to ensure we meet our commitment to you · Vibration reports analyzed by ISO vibration analysis certified technicians · Runout worksheet ensures statistical compliance · Temperature / Friction report provides all break-in information · Clamp force measurements are taken to provide spindles meeting the ISO / ASME standards · all Electrical components tested to OEM specifications

Corrective Action Process

DGI has built it’s quality process around corrective action and lessons learned. Like any process, it is strengthened by examining our issues to make sure they are never repeated.
Our personnel are trained in Root Cause Analysis and use the 8D methodology to examine problems and report back to the Customer.