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Precision Spindle Repair

Our expert technicians

Are ISO CAT certified with decades of experience repairing and analyzing spindles. We have complete capability for reverse engineering, if required, with CNC and EDM capability on site. Our CMM ensures that engineering work will meet your expectations and our on-site electronics and spindle motor laboratory provides expert capability to make sure that your motor, encoder and sensor systems are met 100%.

We service all sizes, makes and models and we are able to analyze,
chrome and grind all spindle shaft types to original OEM and ISO specifications.

We have a full complement of repair & test capabilitIES

Electronics & motor lab on-site

Drawbar reconditioned & tested

Motors reconditioned & tested

Balancing & vibration analysis

ISO CAT certified technicians

Runout with master arbors

Drawbar force testing

Friction & Temperature test

Correct shaft tapers, pilots & faces

Full machine shop (CNC mills, EDM & lathes)

DGI will perform a free spindle evaluation and quotation including failure analysis without obligation.