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DGI One World

DGI Precision is a company located in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico that specializes in the repair and certification of machine spindles and ball screws.  Our prime customers are CNC machining manufacturers in Mexico that demand local service and support.  They are not satisfied with the cost and timing required to ship products out of the country or overseas.  However, our Customers will not sacrifice quality and precision, that is why DGI Precision has gone to great lengths to establish an excellent facility with highly trained technicians completely in Mexico. 

Meet Our Team

DGI One world - Terry Huhtala

Terry Huhtala


DGI One world - Pete Golinsky

Pete Golinsky

(Director of Engineering)

DGI One world - Carlos Franco

Carlos Franco


DGI One world - Julio Calderon

Julio Calderon

(Sales Leader)